Recycled Art #15: Whatever happened to Matt Murdock?

Multiple choice:

A: He got outed by the tabloids as Daredevil, but denied it and sued them, and won.

B: He declared himself the new Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen after he beat the crap out of the Kingpin.

C: He fought 100 ninjas and got the crap beat out of him, then went underground for a time.

D: He married a blind woman he saved from getting hit by a truck.

E: He was arrested and ended up in prison.

F: He escaped from prison, and ran away to Europe.

G: He was cleared of all charges, went back to practicing law, and his blind wife was driven insane by Mr. Fear.

H: He said #$%#% all this, and became the leader of The Hand.

I: None of the above.

J: All of the above.


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