Knockoff toy

Yellow DD 4.25" tall action figure Toy Biz

I usually don’t buy loose figures from overseas vendors on ebay, but for some reason (cheap?) I got this one.  Guess I wanted a small yellow DD figure.   This one is about 4.25″ tall when you can get him to stand up.  His joints are so loose that he’s floppy.  Upon close examination, part of his problem could be that he has feet that aren’t quite right.    On the bottom of one, it says 2006 Marvel Ent. Toy Biz Inc.  On the bottom of the other, it says 2006 Made in China. His feet don’t match. They also don’t want to face forward very well.  The paint job is awful.  I have a feeling that this never saw the blister packaging line because it was chunked out for quality control.  Dollar store toy quality, pretty much.  He’d probably rock at Twister, though.


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