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Custom Steampunk Daredevil

I wanted this guy to look like a cross between the Rocketeer and an early barnstorming daredevil from the biplane era.  I got the basic idea from Sillof on his site.  This is built on a 12″ Power Man figure.  I made the stick from a chopstick and wrapped it with wire.  Apoxie Sculpt is the modeling compound.  He’s painted with acrylics, and the brass “buttons” are  real brass punchouts from a jewelry project.

custom sculpted steampunk Daredevil figure

Back view, steampunk Daredevil figure

Closeup, Helmet and goggles, Steampunk Daredevil

Steampunk Daredevil cane


If DD has armor, this must be the 90’s!

Custom Mighty Mugg I painted with the armored Daredevil costum

First custom Mighty Mugg that I completed.  This was a lot of fun, trying to figure out how to fit that armor stuff onto this strangely-shaped little figure.  The bo staff is made of two pencils connected at the eraser ferrules.


Two beers, please.

One of a kind Daredevil figure made from polymer clay

I got this custom polymer clay figure from a guy in the UK who was selling it on ebay.  He’s about 6″ tall, and unfortunately, there must not be any armature inside him, because he suffered a couple of fractures on the ride over here.  Superglue for the superhero: works like a charm!


Who ya gonna be today, Murdock?

Mighty Muggs figures of Matt Murdock, yellow-costumed DD and red-costumed DD

This is what you get when you decide to create a bunch of different personae.


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