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Daredevil: Yellow

close up of my rendering of Tim Sale's art from Daredevil: Yellow as thread painting

Close up of the section from my Origin panel of my Daredevil art quilt series, art by Tim Sale from Daredevil: Yellow. Applique and thread painting on cotton fabric.


DD Volume 2, issue #26

One of my Daredevil art quilts, featuring the cover of DD #26, art by Alex Maleev.

A small art quilt panel I did of the cover to Daredevil #26, Volume 2, by Alex Maleev.  I was lucky to have bought the background fabric in 2000, part of a Y2K line of fabric.  It has the World Trade Center towers in this print, to the left just above the radar circle, which is done with an organza overlay.  There are thirteen shades of red in DD’s costume.  I hand beaded the twisted fringe along the bottom. Click on this image to see the stitch detail more closely.


After David Mack

Art quilt featuring Daredevil art by David Mack, rendered by me in thread on hand-dyed fabric by Cynthia Hebbard.

Hand beading a fringe on the bottom edge of my art quilt featuring artwork from David Mack.  Hand-dyed fabric by Cynthia Hebbard.


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