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Ready for the movie reboot

Movie memorabilia from the 2003 Daredevil movie: poster from Hong Kong, sunglasses, brailled coin, cookies from Japan, Kubricks, radio, dvd, cards

I just hope they have plenty of movie swag to collect for the next one.  I have some weird stuff from the 2003 movie: Kubricks, keychains, character cards (in English, Greek, and French), preview dvd, small FM radio with earphones, sunglasses with a strange image of Daredevil on the lenses, the misspelled braille coin, a credit card cover from Hong Kong.  This poster is from Hong Kong.  I have them in Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Italian, the UK version, and several US versions.  Not shown: the ballcap from the UK that has a battery pack and LEDs that blink (imagine a bunch of those in a darkened theater!), several t-shirts that were giveaways, watches with Kingpin, DD, Elektra, and Bullseye in Daredevil tins, and my very favorite: a bright red Roots rolling bag that someone won at the premiere and put on ebay.  It came with one of the DD keyfobs attached to the zipper.  I carry it on all my trips.


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