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Rooftops and rain

Thread painting of Frank Miller's DD art, Matt in costume on ledge in rain.

Does it really rain that much in New York City?  Here, Matt sits out on a ledge, bemoaning the fact that he’s lost his hypersenses, while that ditzy Heather Glenn just wants him to come in and put on his tux so they can party.  From the Frank Miller art.


Wally Wood DD portrait

Thread painting of Wally Wood Daredevil art

This was one of the first Daredevil thread paintings I did.   The art is by Wally Wood, from the cover of DD #9.  Here is a scan of that cover.


Car decor

Beaded dangle for my car mirror with DD art on it.

Just for fun a couple of years or so, I beaded this long strand to hang from my car mirror.  (I know, that’s illegal in lots of states, but not in ARkansas.) This was made well before DD had anything to do with The Hand, which makes it a little strange now.  I was merely playing with some shapes cut out of Shrinky Dink plastic that I had printed up.    It doesn’t obstruct anything hanging from my mirror, because only the thin beaded part shows above the dashboard of the DaredivaMobile, which is an Inferno Red Plymouth Breeze.  Ha!



Trading card I made from recycled DD comics, foil tape, and brailled lettering.

Redman Redux #2 from a series of artcards I did a couple years ago. No valuable comics were harmed in the creation of these cards.


Redman Redux #1

Artist trading card I made with recycled comics, foil appliques, and brailled Dymo tape.

A trading card (2.5″ x 3.5″, same size as a baseball card) that I made from recycled comic pages, foil tape, and Dymo tape. The braille on the card reads “Matt is Daredevil”.


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