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Trifecta of DD Cool

Autographs and sketches from Joe Quesada, David Mack, and Kevin Smith in my DD Hardcover book

Bet you don’t have one of these! Daredevil Volume 2, Book 1 hardcover edition, signed by Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada, and David Mack.  I got these all at the same Wizard World Texas comic con a few years ago.  Kevin Smith wrote “I wish I could quilt” because I had just showed him one of my DD art quilts.

Pardon my thumb.


Murdock’s Law

Thread painting of Joe Quesada art from "Parts of a Hole" arc

Entire panel of thread painting "Murdock's Law"

Top: Closeup of “Murdock’s Law” thread painting by me, hand dyed fabric by my friend Cynthia Hibbard.  Original art by Joe Quesada, from Parts of a Hole, written by David Mack.  The braille reads “integrity” and “justice”.  Cynthia dyed all the fabric used on this piece, and when she sent me the tie-dyed circles and the mottled  piece from the same dye lot, I had no idea what I was going to do with either of them.  Then one day it hit me, and here’s the result.

Bottom: Full quilted panel.  Text on the left side from David Mack’s cover art on Daredevil Issue #24, vol. 2.  I hand beaded the fringe along the bottom, using vintage beads given to me by a friend, whose mother was my senior English teacher.  I wonder sometimes if I ever saw her wear them in class.


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