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College daze

Thread painting of college-age Matt and Foggy

I’ve always liked this scene of John Romita, Jr’s art of Matt keeping Foggy from walking out into traffic.  From Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear.

Thread painting by me.  I took the liberty of changing the color of Matt’s hair somewhat as I always thought it was too blonde in that series, and changed Foggy’s hat and scarf from a really sickly looking pink to a more manly looking batch of colors that it looks like his mom might have knitted that stuff from.  Actually, it was a new variegated spool of thread I had, and wanted to try it out.  Matt’s hair is also done from a variegated thread.  It’s a trick to get it to sew out where you want it to make the shading come out right.


If you can’t take the heat…

Unmasked DD warns criminals to stay out of his Kitchen.

…stay out of my Kitchen!


1602 Matthew Murdoch

The 1602 version of Matthew Murdoch, as fabricated by me on a custom Mighty Mugg.

I sculpted and painted this version of Matt Murdock in his troubador guise for a Mighty Mugg customizing contest.


Before there was Daredevil…

Before Matt Murdock was Daredevil, he took out some bad guys in an all black outfit, using a scarf as a mask, and a nightstick for his weapon.

…there was Matt Murdock, college student.  In Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear miniseries, Matt goes out to wage a little justice, wearing a black sweatsuit and a scarf for a mask.  He carried a nightstick he’d swiped from a fat beat cop when he was a kid back in Hell’s Kitchen.  This is a red-haired G. I. Joe I found on ebay, who at the moment is wearing a black jumpsuit, but when I get around to it, I’ll make him a black sweatsuit.  (I began my sewing career making clothes for Barbie, so, yeah, I can do it.)


Who ya gonna be today, Murdock?

Mighty Muggs figures of Matt Murdock, yellow-costumed DD and red-costumed DD

This is what you get when you decide to create a bunch of different personae.


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