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Urban legend

Matt and Foggy have an alligator coming out of a manhole behind them.

Matt Murdock:  It’s a myth, Foggy.  There are no alligators in the sewers.

Foggy Nelson: Uh…M-M-Matt?

MM: What?

FN: Don’t look now, Matt, but there’s an urban legend behind us.


Lying again

A bruised and bandaged Matt Murdock tries to hide his injuries from his law partner, Foggy Nelson, who isn't buying the excuses.

Matt Murdock:  (Crap, thought maybe I’d get here first.)  Good morning, Foggy.

Foggy Nelson: Good morn….what the hell happened to you this time, Matt?  Somebody mug you again?

MM:  Uh…um…took a tumble down the stairs at my place.

FN:  Again?  Isn’t that like the third time this month?

MM: You keeping score, Fog?  Give a guy a break.

FN:  Looks like you break enough on your own.


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