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The other Kubrick DD

Yellow costume Daredevil Kubrick

I’d forgotten I also had a yellow DD Kubrick. I don’t know if he was a promotional item or just one they made for the regular lineup.  Another ebay prize!



Two versions of the DD Kubrick figure stand atop the box.

Kubricks are not very poseable, so I just photographed them doing nothing.

There were two versions of the Daredevil Kubrick: the dull finish one, left, given away at the Japanese opening of the movie, and the shiny one that came in the box, given away with the purchase of the Daredevil dvd in Japan.  I got them on ebay.

The movie stub inside the box was from my last viewing of the movie on the big screen, the last showing at the Malco in Jonesboro, AR.  I think there were a couple of other people in the cinema with me.  That night the X-Men movie premiered with the evening show.  Plenty of people were standing in line when I left the building.


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